It has now dawned on a large part of the population that you can do a lot yourself for your health.

A varied diet is delicious and ensures that you get the right nutrients, including antioxidants that reduce the risk of contracting a lifestyle disease. By exercising sufficiently you can ensure that your muscles and tendons remain supple until a ripe old age and you just feel fitter. And never forget that your heart is also a muscle and training it is a good idea.

Rest is important

One point that is often less considered is the lack of rest that many people have these days in the hectic society we live in. Stress is still a vague concept when looking at what the medical community knows about this phenomenon. However, it is clear that the mental and physical effects of stress can be very serious. Finding peace in your life is therefore very important and often there is already a possibility at a very short distance from your home: a natural garden on this site.

Back from gray to green

When you walk through the often narrow streets of the old center of a village or town, you realize that there was no room for a garden of any size there. Nevertheless, in the past and also today, there was always an attempt to bring some greenery into the environment. A window box or a facade garden can make all the difference and clearly improve the atmosphere. In the 1970s, a single-family home with a sizeable garden on the edge of town became the norm.

The greenery in the garden then increasingly disappeared to make way for tiles, gravel and concrete. A terrace that you don’t have to do anything about seemed more attractive. But now people are realizing again that it is precisely the greenery in which one finds peace and quiet. That may well be a nature garden where everything is not arranged in rows but nature can take its course. That is good for the local birds, insects and other wildlife, but also for you because there you can find peace with these sites.

Think about the environment too

A real garden in the urban environment also ensures that temperatures are moderated. It easily makes a difference of a few degrees because a green garden can lower the temperature in the summer and temper frost in the winter. Also, a garden can capture rainwater better than a tile or concrete patio.

In this day and age when rainfall is sometimes lacking and other times very abundant, it is generally drained into the sewer system as quickly as possible. Since water is precious, there must be better options. Buying a barrel to collect the rainwater is then one option. With a relatively small roof of a shed or garden shed, you can already collect enough to take care of a medium-sized garden. This not only saves expensive drinking water but is also better for the plants and soil.

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